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I am currently working on an iphone app called LanceLubber.  It will do all of the normal calculations necessary to calculate hours/pay meal penaties and other stuff that need to be configurable in another part of the app.  Basically, it will have three parts. The categories speak for themselves and are named as such.  Three categories:

  1. Personell
  2. Contract
  3. TimeClock

I want to incorporate CoreData right from the start to allow it to sync with your Address Book, Calendar, and most importantly, iCloud.  I want to design it from the start with the object in mind of sharing weekly time-sheets in an open format.  I hear Entertainment Partners are working on their own application, but I’d rather design my own because I want to create categories that an organization can’t use.

The youtube videos on these subjects are helpful much of the time, but far dryer than the electrical engineering stuff that I had been learning earlier this year.  Coding involves so many different files with a line of code in each.  Sometimes, the setup of this kind of stuff feels that it should be more automated.  I did witness Yaeger form Stanford doing some sort of auto code generation, but that is beyond me.

I have decided to learn Swift instead of learning Objective C even though Swift does currently limit me to Apple products.  I have already noticed that Swift is really elegant and advanced in many ways.  However, Swift is so new that it’s hard to find tutorials that address it specifically.

Right now, I am just beginning to start my own simple file open in Xcode.

It seems that it can be very tough to import someone else’s code without worrying about how it will interact…obviously.  I have looked at a few tutorials.  None of the open source code that I have found includes any CoreData libraries, so I am having to learn that separately.

The best thing I am about to learn is Metal.  It is Apple’s new library for crazy UI customization.